The Fan-Theme Travel Process

Setting up a fan or theme event is a complex process that can take a year or more to plan. But we can facilitate the creation of a great experience with the proper planning. A full cruise-ship charter is an option and can be a great fund generator but expect additional planning time. We are here to be your land and cruise advocate - leveraging buying power, negotiating contracts, handling logistics for the best group pricing and return on investment.

Don't Wait! Contracted groups for 200 attendees can take 12-15 months of activities prior to sailing. Groups of over 500 can take 20+ months.

Your secondary involvement will be an active process of promoting the services through all your current methods of communication with employees, clients, fans or members. Most all the process details listed below are assigned to us to create an impressive program for you and your fans or followers.

Why you should consider fan travel...


First step is to have a phone, on-site or video meeting to gather the basic needs of you and your fans.

Group Travel Setup

This is where we work out the foundation for your group travel. This will include determining the dates that will work best for you and your fans, compose a final agreement together and details your standard and customized setups needed for your trip. Note that full or partial ship charters will require 1-2 more months of planning so allow for necessary planning time.


We offer supportive services for your group travel choices before, during and after. We will be working on shipboard activities, media pieces for you to use for print, online or social media. Program reports can be provided on request. We also offer pre-cruise tours of ships, ship inspections and onsite visits for qualifying clients.

Launch Party

For group setups of 50 or more cabins/rooms, we also offer a launch party. This is included as part of your group experience. Location, the number of launch parties and features will be determined together.

Your Fans or Followers

During the promotions for the travel event, we will be providing registrations, excursion assistance, travel tips and support, follow-ups and extra fan amenities. Your fans or followers will definitely feel like VIPs.


Before the trip ends, we will help you select a future travel date that will help you garner repeat following from your fans by booking a future group trip with you while still participating in the current travel. We will follow-up with all the bookings and potential bookings and start this process again. We will also be sending out surveys on the fan experience to always look for room for improvement or upgrades in service.


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