The Cruise Program Process

Setting up an employee or member cruise program is a very simple process which we show below. The core work on your part will be during the initial consultation where we will "pick your brain" for everything "you". Your secondary involvement will be an active process of promoting the services through all your already methods of communication with your employees or members. Most all the process details listed below are assigned to us to create an impressive program for you and your employees or members.

Why you should consider the cruise program...


Location-wise we can provide an on-site meeting, meet at "Starbucks" or consult via a video conference. We will provide you with an overview of the program, sample agreement and a sample micro-webpage you will receive as part of the program.

Program Setup

It takes only a maximum of 10 business days to setup your micropage. Through this page employees or members will have full access to all cruises, discounts and services offered. You will have a customizable section on this site to add your specific company information for your group.


We offer supportive services for the program. Those may include employee or member trade shows, delivery of cruise line materials and "goodies" for events and media pieces to include in your promotions at your request. We also have a single contact for your employees or members to contact at anytime with questions about the site or services.


We will deliver notifications on unique specials or events for your company that are offered through us or the cruise lines.


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